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Pensa is founded and led by industry experts with a reputation for consistently building successful global companies.

They have driven multiple startups through highly successful IPOs and exits.

Profile Image Richard Schwartz

Richard Schwartz, President and CEO

Richard has repeatedly created and led organizations to innovate and develop software that has made significant market impact globally. He has previously founded and successfully exited four technology venture-backed companies. Richard’s earlier startups have been acquired by industry leaders such as Good Technology, Openwave, Vignette (OpenText) and Borland, where in each case, he then served in broader senior executive roles.

Richard holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). After completing his PhD, he was a visiting professor in Applied Mathematics at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. He then served as senior computer scientist at Stanford Research Institute (SRI International) prior to founding his first company. He has been board member, mentor and investor in a number of companies and high-technology incubators. He holds multiple patents and is the author of numerous publications. He is the co-creator of the Paradox database.

When he takes a break from Pensa, Richard is busy making wine!

Profile Image Jason Reneau

Jason Reneau, Head of Commercial Operations

Jason’s entire career has been at the intersection of technology, economics and commerce. He brings significant management experience in robotics and supply chain ventures including FreeMarkets, uShip and Kiva Systems, the autonomous mobile robotics company that was acquired by Amazon. Previously, Jason worked at the strategic consulting firm McKinsey & Company in Houston and Argentina.

Jason holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and an Economics degree from Texas A&M University. Outside of work, Jason enjoys exploring the world with his family, trail running, cheering on the San Antonio Spurs and tooling around in his Jeep.

Profile Image Jim Dutton

Jim Dutton, Head of Engineering

Jim is a well-respected technical executive who brings years of experience to the engineering and product teams at Pensa. He is referred to as a unique leader with experience exploring the tension and balance between analysis and art.

Previously, he led global teams to deliver disruptive technologies in companies such as ParcPlace, Activerse, Traq-wireless, GNS Healthcare and Caringo. His leadership brings the maniacal ability to drive teams to build winning products and solutions in the marketplace.

Jim’s specialization includes large-scale distributed computing, embedded systems, and, building something from nothing and managing smart people.

Jim holds a MS degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas, Austin. An entrepreneur from the very beginning, Jim finished all the requirements for a PhD however prior to this dissertation he followed his passion and joined a startup!

Profile Image Pinar Kaprali Gorsev

Pinar Kaprali Gorsev, Head of Product Management

Pinar Kaprali Gorsev is a serial technology entrepreneur who brings more than two decades of global software industry experience to Pensa. Previously, she held various technology leadership roles at Borland International, both in the US and Europe. Pinar is co-founder of one of the first ISP companies in Turkey, Her specialization areas include communications, information technologies and retail e-commerce.

Pinar holds a BS degree in Computer Science and Economics from the University of New Hampshire. She is also one of the founders and a two-term board member of the KAGİDER, Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey.


ATX Seed Ventures Logo

ATX Seed Ventures

ATX Seed Ventures specializes in early stage technology investments looking to empower or disrupt legacy industries, or pioneering new markets.


ZX Ventures

ZX Ventures is the global accelerated growth and business model innovation group within AB InBev, the largest global beverage and brewing company. Launched in 2015, it exists to discover, accelerate and scale innovative ideas that are shaping the beverage industry and beyond.


Mick Mountz

Mick was Founder and CEO of Kiva Systems which pioneered the use of mobile robots for warehouse automation within retail supply chain, later acquired by Amazon. Mick is both an investor and an active advisor.

Profile Image Yechiam Yemini

Yechiam Yemini

Yechiam is a well known entrepreneur who co-founded multiple successful start-ups including Comverse (NASDAQ: CNSI), SMARTS (acquired by EMC), and Turbonomic, one of Forbes 100 most promising companies. He is a Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at Columbia University.


Capital Factory Fund V

Capital Factory improves entrepreneurial outcomes. We invest intellectual, social, human, and real capital in passionate entrepreneurs who want to change the world.


REVTECH Ventures

REVTECH is a seed fund in Dallas with a focus on technologies for the retail industry.


Profile Image Tom Gruen

Tom Gruen

Tom is well regarded as a pioneer for industry standards on out-of-stock and category management analytics. He is a primary investigator for P&G-sponsored research on retail out-of-stock reduction in FMCG Industry. He is currently the Chair and Professor of Marketing at the University of New Hampshire.

Profile Image Scott Niekum

Scott Niekum

Scott is an Assistant Professor and the Director of the Personal Autonomous Robotics Lab (PeARL) in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin. His areas of research include personal robotics for unstructured home and workplace, machine learning and learning from demonstration.

Profile Image Manuela Veloso

Manuela Veloso

Manuela is Head of Machine Learning at Carnegie Mellon University. On leave as of July 2018, she will be the Head of Artificial Intelligence Research at J. P. Morgan Chase Co. She is a machine learning pioneer and her research areas include collaborative robotics and interactive human/computer interfaces.

Profile Image Martial Hebert

Martial Hebert

Martial is the Director of the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. A pioneer in core vision, his research areas include perception for autonomous systems, detection, tracking and prediction in dynamic environments.

Profile Image Kris Kitani

Kris Kitani

Kris is an Assistant Research Professor in the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. His research areas include computer vision, human activity forecasting, first person vision, and assistive technologies for the blind.

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