is the new frontier

Artificial intelligence can be used to train computers to see what people see. And draw conclusions as people do. Getting around to see around. Automating eyeballs.

Pensa is the leading innovator in autonomous perception systems.

Transforming the retail consumer goods industry.

Retail is an $8 Trillion dollar industry in transition

Retail is no longer retail. Customers today go online to buy offline, or pick up in the store, or have it delivered. Immediately. If retailers disappoint them, they risk losing the customer for life.

As lines blur, more pressure is put on retailers and manufacturers to know their inventory…at every point in the supply chain, including on the retail shelf.

Pensa gives retailers and their brand partners continuous visibility of what is on the shelf and how to better predict and optimize inventory.

Autonomous Vision System retail shelves blue

on-shelf visibility

A multi-billion dollar activity worldwide, performed today via eyeballs and manual visual inspection.

Industry studies report nearly one in 10 items as missing on the retail shelf, leading to lost revenue, dissatisfied customers or excess inventory.

This translates to precious points of hard fought margin for CPG manufacturers and their retail partners.

bridge the gap between seeing and understanding

Autonomous vision capture plus novel artificial intelligence (AI) reason about what is there, what isn’t and why.

Providing an automated view for the retailer and the manufacturer of what’s on retail shelves.

It’s not technology for technology’s sake, but to increase profitability at a lower cost with minimal disruption to existing operations…and to keep the customer happy.

blue encircled retail shelves

We are in field trials with select customers and partners.

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